EAE Business School Barcelona’s Global MBA ranks among the top 15 in Spain to study in a hybrid format

El Mundo publishes its Online Education Ranking 2023
Six of EAE Business School’s hybrid Masters rank among the top in the El Mundo classification.

The Global MBA run by EAE Business School Barcelona has been named as one of the top 15 MBAs in Spain a hybrid format, according to the El Mundo Online Education Ranking 2023, published by the newspaper El Mundo. The ranking highlighted that EAE’s program is innovative, designed for experienced professionals profiles who want to explore new horizons of business management and take the next step in their career with the aim of evolving. The classification published by El Mundo highly rated the fact that the students on the GMBA take part in a month-long residential stage in Barcelona, giving them the chance to visit companies, work on real cases and complete an experiential learning project on international markets with chambers of commerce in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Moreover, five of EAE Barcelona’s Masters are ranked among the best to study in a hybrid format in Spain in their respective fields.

In the Project Management category, the Global Master in Project Management is ranked in the top spot. The ranking highlighted that the Master has an extremely practical program, with a course directly designed to enable participants to pass the gain the certification of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Authorized Training Partner Program.

Also in the top spot, this time in the Marketing category, EAE Business School Barcelona’s Global Master in Marketing and Commercial Management was commended for focusing on the development of executive skills, the financial management of marketing and the inclusion of analytical and strategic vision as a key feature throughout all the courses.

In the Corporate Communication, the School’s Global Master in Corporate Communication and Brand Management all ranks in first place. The ranking emphasized its academic program, created to give a 360º perspective of all aspects related to modern communication, as well as the 80-hour residential stage in which students make contact with companies and organizations in different sectors.

The Global Master in Human Resources also took the top spot in the Work category. El Mundo’s ranking underlined that EAE Barcelona’s combines advanced technical training with executive skills, as well as highlighting the large number of lecturers and consultants currently working in the field.

Lastly, the Global Master in Supply Chain Management ranks in third place in the Logistics category. El Mundo emphasized that the program is designed and structured with a triple business focus of Supply Chain Management, based on the following pillars: Organization, Processes and Tools. It also mentioned that the Master is approved by the CSCMP and aligned with the SCPRO level 1 professional certification.

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