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Upcoming events

Innovation Meeting- Fintech-conference
27 September
Innovation Meeting - Fintech

Date: Wednesday September 27th 2023
Time: 18:30 - 21:00h
Place: Pl. dÉrnest Llunch i Martin, 08019 | Room Torre Diagonal One

Past Events

IT. nerary Day
05 May
IT. nerary Day

Date: Friday 05 May 2023
Time: 09:00 - 18:00
Venue: Plaza España, Barcelona

27 February
EAE @4YFN 2023

Date: Monday 27th February to thursday 02th 2023
Time: 10:00 - 18:00h
Venue: Fira Gran Via (Hall 8.1 - North Entrance)


15 February
Employability Day

Date: Wednesday 15th February 2023
Time: 18:00 - 20:30h
Venue: Ágora Hall

03 February
Visit to Papernest

The team at Talent for Impact (Employability and Entrepreneurship) would like to invite you to a new session of Company Approach with PAPERNEST.

cabecera 4
01 December
Annual Alumni Reunion 2022

Exclusive event for former students of the School.  A place to reconnect with old classmates and professors, where they will have the chance for networking and learning about new trends in the business sector thanks to different expert presentations.

Ganadoras ranking
22 November
EAE’s Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in Catalonia

At this event, we will announce the top 10 female entrepreneurs in Catalonia, as chosen by organizations that promote innovation and entrepreneurship at a government and association level, as well as investors, specialist press and experts from EAE Business School Barcelona. After the presentation of the 10 finalists, drinks will be served and attendees will have the chance to network.

17 October
Welcome Week 2022-2023

Monday 17th October marks the start of the Welcome Week at EAE Business School Barcelona at the School’s Aragó, Tarragona and Mallorca Campuses. Over the course of the week, a range of activities will be run to welcome the new students starting their Master programs in October. The activities include program presentations, cultural visits and teambuilding events designed to help the new members of the EAE community get to know the School and their classmates.

Mastertalk - sostenibilidad
15 August
New insights to lead the change towards sustainability

Reducing pollution emissions, boosting renewable energies, recycling, etc. These measures are all well and good, but a real commitment of an organization to sustainability goes far beyond isolated actions. It is a strategy that involves all levels of the organization and requires consistency in terms of behaviours and lifestyle. This transition is a real challenge and professionals are needed who are equipped to lead the way in line with the latest trends in this discipline. Are you up to the challenge? We invite you to take part in our upcoming EAE Mastertalk to discover new insights that will help you lead the change towards sustainability. Don’t miss it!

MBA lowres
25 July

Teamwork is vital for ensuring that projects are properly executed. This task is harder within a context that demands increasing levels of agility from all the members of the team. This has given rise to a crucial figure: the Scrum Master, a professional who leads teams using agile project management techniques. Some people still assume that Scrum Masters are only found in technological companies but, in fact, they lead teams in many different industries all over the world, in companies of all sizes. Would you like to find out more about the techniques used by successful Scrum Masters with a strategic and performance-oriented approach? Be sure not to miss our Focused Program and find out more about this topic first-hand!

Marca personal huella
01 July
LinkedIn: The Power of Personal Branding

It is commonly argued that “if you don’t communicate, you don’t exist”, a principle that is even more relevant on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Great professionals with excellent skills do not communicate their achievements or do so without the full impact that their actions can have, which is detrimental to their own personal branding on a platform that seems specifically designed for this purpose. To shine, you have to stand out from your rivals and show your real value on a constant basis, which requires effort. In this Alumni Webinar, discover the true potential of your personal brand. See you there!

Programa Enfocado
15 June
Focused Program | Inflation, the ECB’s approach and my business

Over the last few months, we have seen inflation climb relentlessly throughout the world’s main economies. Do you know the reasons behind this situation and the impact it will have on our lives? Over the course of this Focused Program, we discover how our businesses and investments can be affected both by inflation and by the measures taken by the ECB to tackle it. Find out more about this crucial issue in our next Focused Program with the insight of our expert speaker. We look forward to seeing you there!

01 June
Event Focused Program | Metaverse: The Approaching Disruption

We have all heard the term ‘metaverse’ used a lot lately. While the term has certainly become widespread, its meaning is still somewhat of a mystery for a large proportion of the population. It is very hard to understand that technology has advanced so much that it enables the creation of alternative realities and virtual worlds and things that are impossible in real life are perfectly feasible in these ‘universes’. Be sure not to miss this Focused Program so that, with the guidance of Marc Sansó, you can gain insight into current examples of the metaverse, as well as everything that it will bring and its impact in the future.