Terms of use of the Whatsapp information request service and information about data processing

By accepting these Terms of Use, the user agrees that the “WhatsApp for Business” application (application managed by WhatsApp Ireland Limited) will be used as a channel for requesting information on the products and services offered by EAE INSTITUCIÓN SUPERIOR DE FORMACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA, S.L. (hereinafter, the COMPANY). If you wish, you can consult all the information on the WhatsApp terms of use and Privacy Policy by going to the WhatsApp Business data processing terms.

1) Subject matter and scope of application

The subject matter of these Terms of Use is the regulation of the relationship between EAE INSTITUCIÓN SUPERIOR DE FORMACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA, S.L. and You (hereinafter, the Customer) when using the WhatsApp application as a contact channel so that the COMPANY can provide you with the information requested by the Customer, in accordance with your consent, for the use of said application.

2) User acceptance

By ticking the corresponding box established in the COMPANY’s different contact channels in which authorisation is requested for contacting the Customer through WhatsApp, you give your unreserved acceptance of these Terms of Use and data processing.

The COMPANY states that both documents are available in the same channels for requesting authorisation for contact via WhatsApp.

3) Access and blocking

The Customer must have a device with the WhatsApp application installed in order to receive the requested information. You must also have Internet access and the WhatsApp application must be linked to the telephone number you have given us through the respective form.

The user will also need to have accepted WhatsApp's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in force in order to use the application.

At any event, the Customer will be able to block any communications from the COMPANY received on their device through WhatsApp using the app’s settings and blocking the telephone number from which the COMPANY’s communications are received. The Customer may also do so by sending a request to EAE INSTITUCIÓN SUPERIOR DE FORMACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA, S.L. through: [email protected]

4) Proper use of the application

The Customer undertakes to use the application and services in accordance with the Law, these Terms of Use and the WhatsApp Terms of Use, and therefore undertakes not to contravene the law in force, and not to harm the rights and interests of third parties.

The Customer undertakes not to rovide data considered to be of a special category (such as health and biometric data, political affiliation data etc.).

5) Data protection

  1. Controller

EAE INSTITUCIÓN SUPERIOR DE FORMACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA, S.L. located at Av Diagonal, 662, 08034 Barcelona and with Tax Identification Number B-64.273.956, will be the controller for the data that the Customer provides when authorising the sending of information via WhatsApp.

  1. Purposes

The Customer's data will be processed for the following purposes: (i) to manage the authorisation and acceptance of the Terms of Use, (ii) to be able to contact the Customer via WhatsApp and inform them about the programme selected during the next two sessions, (iii) to process the conversation data and carry out the appropriate procedures that the Customer may perform via said channel.

The Customer's data will be processed on the basis of the consent provided by authorising us to contact them through said channel and on the basis of the relationship existing between the parties when accepting the Terms of Use.

  1. Data disclosure

The Customer’s data will not be transferred, sold, rented or made available in any other manner to any third parties except to service providers of EAE INSTITUCIÓN SUPERIOR DE FORMACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA, S.L. that perform certain activities for us (such as providing the WhatsApp service), but that in no case will process the data for their own purposes. Some of these suppliers may be located outside the European Union, as indicated in Section 5 below.

  1. International transfers

By using this service, EAE INSTITUCIÓN SUPERIOR DE FORMACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA, S.L. informs you that the Customer's data may be transferred outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA).

At any event, we shall ensure that this data processing is at all times protected with the appropriate guarantees, which may include (i) EU-approved Standard clauses, or (ii) third-party certifications

You may request at any time more information about the guarantees taken in each case by contacting our  Data Protection Officer at [email protected].

  1. Duration of the processing

All the data provided will be processed for the time necessary to respond to your request and for the maximum period of the next two sessions for the course in which you have shown interest. Upon completion of said period, your data will be stored anonymously for statistical or market research purposes, wherever possible, or duly blocked in order to comply with any legal obligation of EAE INSTITUCIÓN SUPERIOR DE FORMACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA, S.L.

  1. Further information and exercise of rights

You may request further information about the processing of your personal data at any time, as well as exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction or portability, before EAE INSTITUCIÓN SUPERIOR DE FORMACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA, S.L. through Apartado de Correos 221 Barcelona or by email to [email protected].

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about the way we process your personal data, you may contact our Data Protection Officer at the email address [email protected]. In the event that you do not receive a response within a reasonable period of time, you may file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Authority.

6) Applicable law and jurisdiction

The relationship between THE COMPANY and the Customer will be governed by Spanish regulations in force and any dispute will be submitted to the courts of the User’s place of residence.

THE COMPANY will pursue any breach of these Terms of Use by exercising any civil and criminal actions that it is entitled to by law.