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Professional Impact Unit

Expand Your Talent, Impact the World

Introducing Professional Impact Unit


Professional Impact Unit is the team of professionals from our Talent for Impact Center dedicated to the professional development of EAE Barcelona students. We design specialized training paths within our two areas of action: Corporate Profiles and Entrepreneurial Profiles.


What do we mean by professional development? It’s a continuous process of learning and growth within the professional world that allows you to improve your skills, knowledge and competencies to better position yourself in the current and future job market and ensure long-term employability


The Professional Impact Unit Guarantee

Professional Impact Unit is composed of over 60 specialized professionals in different areas of professional development, both internal and external to EAE Barcelona. We have recruiters, career consultants, resume experts, coaches, headhunters, industry specialists, mentors, researchers and doctoral professors.

Our collective mission is to empower each student to navigate the complex and ever-changing job market with confidence and to create the habits and connections necessary to generate opportunities for impact throughout their entire career. We understand that every time a professional takes an opportunity or creates an impact —whether in their career, their company or someone else's life— they in turn generate new opportunities for their environment.