EMBA Lowres

Our Life-Ed Methodology

A method that is as inspiring as it is practical

There are many ways to learn, but only one of them is lifelong

Our challenge is to offer you a meaningful learning experience that will facilitate your individual transformation and boost your talent. This innevitably takes place inside a model in which you can have a learning experience with support and guidance but also with independence, evolutionary both at a personal and professional level, and intrinsically linked to your reality, here and now.


Lifelong Learners

The ability to learn throughout your life, encouraging error culture as part of the process, as a part of adapting and being resilient.

Lifelong Professionals

Skills to grow as a professional, understanding the different contexts, focusing on achievement, and with the capacity to work with autonomy. 


Lifelong Humans

Values to consolidate professionals through social awareness, sustainability, collaboration, and the capacity to take on projects of their own, always with their eyes on the future.


Our methodology is based on



Knowledge and practice, inside and outside.

The times when education was limited to the four walls of the classroom are over. And it’s not only thanks to virtual classrooms and digital environments but also because most of the learning experience is already taking place outside the classroom: experiences, contacts, challenges, reflections, and exchanges. At EAE we prepare professionals for life — and life is ever-changing.



Because everyone is unique.

The learning process is personal and non-transferable. That’s why we continuously seek new ways to connect more and better with the expectations of our students, and to provide them with options that better adjust to their chosen professional path. We’ve created an extensive and easily accessible network of points of contact with our students that offers opportunities for self-reflection and support to personalise their learning experience and broaden their possibilities, giving every student a chance to build and live their own experience.



The challenge is not to settle.

At EAE, our principle has always been to surround ourselves with the best in order to get the best results. That’s why we have a faculty that has vast professional experience, the most innovative pedagogical models, and the collaboration of top-tier companies and institutions. The interdisciplinary quality of our whole model has only one goal: to train the leaders that the real world of today needs.



Because the learning process is an ever-changing one.

Knowledge is like energy — something that is constantly transforming. And, to achieve this transformation, we’ve created a continuous container of evolution made up of constant and cumulative cycles that help us develop continuous learning tools. Through this circular model, we bring together the incorporation of new knowledge with reflection and implementation.

An inspiring method

In order to achieve transformation, we have created a continuous progression container made up of constant and accumulative cycles that help us develop the continuous-learning tools. Through this circular model we join three aspects of learning:

  • The acquisition of knowledge
  • The reflection on this knowledge
  • Putting the new knowledge into practice