EAE Barcelona

Take your career to new levels. Whether you’re an experienced professional seeking to gain ground or if you’re just getting started — find the programme that best suits your goals and start a journey of professional development.

Meet our seven areas of knowledge

  • Area MBA


    MBAs in a range of formats for different times in your career.

  • Area BM

    Business Management

    The Business Management area is right at the centre, because a holistic understanding of business management is fundamental.

  • Area MKT

    Marketing, Communication & Sales

    The core of the business. From product strategy right through to the full experience.

  • Area RRHH

    Human Resources

    New leadership, the teams and people that make it all possible.


  • Area I+D

    Innovation & Data

    Technology as an ally in value creation.


  • Area PM

    Project Management & Supply Chain

    Optimizing productivity for greater impact.


  • Area F&E

    Finance & Economics

    The master key that opens the doorway to the creation of opportunities.

  • grados 1

    Bachelor's Degree

    A Bachelor’s Degree opens up a whole new world of possibilities. To choose, to learn and to enjoy; to enjoy while you learn; to be what you want to be and to decide how you want to get there.

    A Bachelor’s is a path among many paths with a shared guide: the university and everyone that’s a part of it; people who will accompany you from the moment you step into the school and who will go as far as you want to get. Because you choose the path, but we take it together.

Light Your Spirit of Change

The power of change lives within you. Can you feel it? It's the one driving your growth as a person and professional. It's the one that led you to us — and that's no coincidence. At EAE Barcelona, we transform that power into real-world impact.

Light your spirit of change at EAE Barcelona, an ecosystem designed to amplify your talent. We offer an ideal setting for you to make a lasting impact in your professional career. Our school is open to the world and it allows you to connect with top international professionals and put all your ideas into practice. Unleash your full potential in a multifaceted space where you can break and reinvent the rules — all in the smartest, most creative, and most innovative city in Europe.