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Certain initiatives mark a turning point in our journey. 
Welcome to one of them.
Introducing Women Initiative - a project by EAE Business School Barcelona dedicated to empowering women’s leadership and fostering their personal and professional development through equal opportunities and sustainability.
You’re witnessing an unstoppable movement. And, starting today, you’re already a part of it.

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“At EAE, we work hard to guarantee equal opportunities; diversity is one of the school’s essential values and our commitment with the professional development of women is one of our main priorities.”

Aroa Corvillo Calzada

Marketing and Communication Director at EAE Barcelona


Our Mission

Fice areas of impact, one common goal: Driving women’s talent towards a new leadership.



EAE Barcelona Business School
EAE Barcelona Business School
EAE Business School
EAE Barcelona Business School
EAE Barcelona Business School
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Leadership Programs

Be part of the change.

The female leadership program that changes everything.

EAE Barcelona Women Initiative teams up with companies to take a professional development and mentoring project to the next level, empowering women who aspire to lead the change.

A program focused on promoting female leadership in high-responsibility corporate positions, motivating participants to increase their awareness and develop their leadership skills, equipping you to adapt to new environments and setting you up for success.

EAE’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs of Catalunya

An Original Idea by EAE Women Initiative Barcelona.
  • Despite the fact that, in Spain, there are 9 women starting a business for every 10 men, most of the entrepreneurial rankings and prizes are still led by men.
  • That’s why EAE’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs of Catalunya seeks to give more visibility and recognition to 10 women and their projects, but also to activate an ecosystem of networking among candidates and stakeholders from the local industry, such as public and private entities, specialised journalists, influencers, renowned entrepreneurs and a team of experts from EAE Business School.
  • In this way, we help boost the talent of women in our business and educational environments and support positive change towards equality and sustainability — something that current society is desperately calling for.


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Research to move forwards. Driving change through knowledge.

Below, we present reports from EAE's CSR that have paved the way for female leadership, diversity and sustainability:

Scholarships for Women

Testimonials from former students who left their mark.

We're committed to expanding access to education for more women, ensuring equal opportunities and providing continuous support to professional women who aspire to leadership roles to drive positive change in the world.


  1. WOMEN INITIATIVE SCHOLARSHIPDesigned for professional women looking to drive and implement the EAE Women Initiative's strategies within their organizations or workplaces. This initiative fosters the support of professional development of other women, advocates for equal opportunities and encourages a positive change in society.

  2. ENTREPRENEURSHIP SCHOLARSHIPDesigned for professionals who have been running a business project for at least one year, with the aim of boosting and supporting entrepreneurial initiatives.



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