EAE Entrepreneur Barcelona

El mejor equipo para impulsar tus ideas

Home of the start-up spirit

If you're a person-professional looking for new challenges. If you want to develop a business idea that has been on your mind for some time now. If you want to delve into a business that you have already created. If you want to internationalise your business or are looking to create new business lines.

Welcome! This is your home.

Your ideas will take shape thanks to EAE Entrepreneur Barcelona. You will chose one of four paths to explore based on your situation, profile and goals and you will count with an academic training, support, guidance and funding.

  • Pre Seed

    I don't have ideas, but I want to start a new business.

  • Seed

    I have an idea and I want to put it into action.

  • Growth

    I have a business and I want to scale it.

  • Innovator

    I work in a company and I want to act like an entrepreneur within the company or innovate.

Barcelona innovates on the basis of sustainability

EAE Barcelona, mirroring the city it inhabits, supports initiatives and events for entrepreneurs with a shared goal: sustainable development.

EAE Impact Awards,Recognition for the most innovative and disruptive projects that develop business models in line with the achievement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

EAE Propeller, Our 3-months incubation programme allows entrepreneurs from the School to work on their entrepreneurship projects and start-ups until they reach the marketplace.

Open innovation projects, like the one carried out with Roca Junyent law firm, in which 4 teams presented their projects to the firm's Innovation Committee, addressing their challenges on internationalisation and fulfilment of the SDG presented by the UN