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International MBA Barcelona - Boston

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The International MBA Barcelona - Boston shows us a global overview of business, its multidisciplinary nature, the dedication required and the personal growth it stimulates, our will change your life. 

It is our flagship program, designed with practical and interactive methodologies to accelerate the transformation of professionals or entrepreneurs with an intellectual drive, global ambition and desire to generate an impact in the world. 

It combines an international, multidisciplinary approach, the development of essential skills to succeed and self-assessment and planning tools for your personal and professional projects and goals. 

Designed to develop critical thinking and collaboration, as well as strengthening your leadership and innovation skills. Step outside your comfort zone, equipping you with the agility, flexibility and creativity required in a dynamic and changeable world.


    MIT Experience: two-week Boston residential

    The program is imparted through Online learning for four months and an Immersive residential for two-weeks at MIT Data Science Lab’s Campus in Boston.

    Candidates will connect with leading research and industry experts and explore Data and Business Analytics trends. In this vibrant setting, participants engage in hands-on learning, applying analytics methods and techniques developed during the online courses in a real-world context.

      The program is divided into four key learning pillars:

      1. Business StrategySeveral internal and external factors can affect a business strategy (pandemics, wars, or inflation) and force organizations to optimize cost, be more agile with their supply chains or reach new markets and customers. These needs often require technical solutions like automation, real-time decisionmaking or complex optimization solutions.
      2. Business AnalyticsFrom Data Visualization to Big Data and GenAI, the portfolio of tools, data architectures and vendors looks livelier than ever. But simple questions still arise — where to start, how to choose and whether it solves the problems.
      3. Business DigitalizationHow do you merge business strategy with technology? Although choosing the right technology is essential, it’s useless if it’s not applied correctly. Digitalization is how processes evolve — but these changes need to be embraced by the people executing those processes and become part of the organizational culture.
      4. ExecutionTo successfully execute a strategy, you must choose the correct methodology to design, develop and deploy projects. The program covers Design Thinking, Agile Project Management and Change Management.
      Full time
      On-Site Classes

      10 Months

      From Monday to Thursday and two Fridays per month (intensive morning schedule)

      Study Programme

      MODULE 1

      6 ECTS Current socioeconomic context

      • Economic environment
      • Financial systems and markets
      • Fiscal and legal
      • Sustainability and environment
      • Legal trends


      6 ECTS Marketing and commercialization in international environments

      • Marketing strategies
      • Communicating
      • Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
      • Sales management


      6 ECTS Intellectual capital and talent management

      • Human capital management
      • Cross-cultural management
      • Diversity and inclusion
      • Management of change
      MODULE 2

      6 ECTS Business Strategy

      • Competitive advantage
      • Strategy
      • International strategy
      • Business Game
      • VUCA Environments and Digital Ecosystem
      • Leadership for sustainability
      • Disruptive technologies for business
      • Business performance analysis and emerging technologies


      6 ECTS Finance for de decision making

      • Financial planning and control
      • Budget management
      • Decisions on financing
      • Investment decisions
      • Financial markets and start-up ecosystems
      • Mergers and acquisitions
      • Business Intelligence


      6 ECTS Entrepreneurship and Internationalization

      • Digital business and innovation
      • Agile project management - PRINCE2 and SCRUM
      • Growth Hacking
      • Thought of design
      • Analysis of the internationalization strategies
      • International Markets



      MODULE 3

      6 ECTS Analytics from the customer’s perspective

      • Socioeconomic Context for Big Data
      • Business Strategy and Big Data
      • Big Data infrastructure and components in the business context
      • From Big Data to Business Analytics
      • Technology map and systems
      • Data Strategy & Data Analysis
      • Reporting & Dashboards
      • Google Analytics


      6 ECTS Transforming and competing through operations

      • Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics
      • Transforming the supply chain
      • Robotics & process automation
      • Artificial intelligence for operations
      • Demand forecasting
      • Business Intelligence

      12 ECTS
      This is far more than just a research project required to gain a Master qualification. It is the optimal time and place to combine all your academic experience, professional ambition, personal vision and creativity. It is your opportunity to put all the knowledge and skills you have acquired into practice and work towards the goals you set yourself. More info.

      Official Master's Degree

      Official Master’s Degree in Business Administration (mention in General Management).

      Full Time 60 ECTS

      You will obtain two Degrees: EAE and UdL

      EAE Business School’s Specific Master's Degree in Continuous Learning in International MBA - MIT Experience and Universitat de Lleida's (UdL) Official Master’s Degree in Business Administration (mention in General Management).

      Check here the Registry of Universities, Centers and Degrees (RUCT).

      Master's Director

      DP MBA - ArasK

      Aras Keropyan

      PhD accredited by ANECA in Business Administration & Management from the University of Barcelona (2012), Master in Business, Finance and Insurance from the University of Barcelona (2009), Industrial Engineer and Mathematician.

      Key Points

      1. MIT Experience Residential

      Two-week residential program with Data and Business Analytics experts at the prestigious MIT Data Science Lab, focusing on Advanced Business Analytics and Data-Driven Management. The MIT Experience additionally includes weekly online sessions with an MIT Data Science Lab professor from November to March.

      2. Develop your Entrepreneurial Skills

      The program aims to develop your entrepreneurial muscle, a super valuable skillset for innovation and problem solving. Entrepreneurs have access to EAE Entrepreneurship Lab, a business incubator that offers the training resources, financing and guidance required to transform a good idea into a real business venture.

      3. Hand in hand with the Business World

      We keep our corporate partners close at hand, as well as in the classroom. Through their insights, we update the program curriculum yearly. Get ready to build professional relationships with your classmates and meet executives from leading companies such as Google, Vodafone, Accenture, Intel and Cepsa, to name just a few.


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      We’ve got your back from even before you get started

      Expert and personalised advice on the most highly demanded profiles in the marketplace. We guide you professionally based on your profile and goals in order to help you choose the path with the greatest professional impact.


      What does the admission process for a Master involve?

      • Initial Information/Admission Request

        Once completed, we’ll assign you one of our expert advisors that will get in touch with you.

      • Interview with the Admissions Department

        We’ll evaluate your professional and academic profile and, together, we’ll assess your eligibility for advancing towards a Master’s level based on your professional goals.

      • Formal Presentation of the Admission Form:

        What documents do I need in order to apply for admission to a Master? You will have to send us the following documentation, which we’ll analyse and verify in order to compose your admissions report:

        • Updated CV
        • Motivation Letter
        •  Academic and/or Professional Letter of Recommendation
        • Last/Ongoing Degree Certificate
        • Admission Test (if required)
        • Language Certificate (if required)
      • Admissions Committee

        Your advisor will be in charge of defending your application in front of the Committee.

      • Process Resolution

        We’ll inform you on the result of the process.

      • Booking and Assign You a Spot

        You will have 3 to 5 days to make the payment for the inscription.


      FT Inglés - MKT y Gestión Comercial

      4 years average experience

      • 93% international participants 

      • 14 nationalities


      There are many professional paths you can choose and we’ll be there, right next to you, no matter which one you choose.

      As a student of our International MBA, you’ll enjoy a career plan made to suit you. Thanks to our Careers Department and EAE Entrepreneur, you will gain access to personalised support and academic training services that will multiply your professional opportunities, extending them to any country in the world.

      IMBA Path: networking y sesiones con headhunters

      •  CEO Chief Executive Officer
      •  CMO Chief Marketing Officer
      •  CFO Chief Financial Officer
      •  COO Chief Operating Officer
      •  Business manager 

      Frequently asked questions related to the International MBA

      The objective of EAE Business School Barcelona’s International MBA (IMBA) is to boost and develop multidisciplinary skills in an international setting to enable students to tackle global challenges and products efficiently and decisively.

      EAE Barcelona’s IMBA includes a two-week residential program at the prestigious MIT Data Science Lab (USA), on which the students have the chance to connect with acclaimed experts both from the world of research and from the industry, giving them the opportunity to explore the latest trends in Data and Business Analytics.

      In this dynamic environment, the students will embrace practical learning, applying the analytical methods and techniques acquired on the IMBA to the real-world business needs of companies,

      The residential program at MIT is divided into four main learning areas: Business Strategy, Business Analytics, Business Digitization and Execution.


      EAE Barcelona’s IMBA (International MBA) runs over the course of 10 months. The program is run on-campus (Full-Time MBA) from Monday to Friday and two Fridays per month, in an intensive morning schedule.

      No, it is not compulsory to do an internship in the case of the International MBA.

      EAE Barcelona’s IMBA (International MBA) is run completely in English, so students who want to take the program at the School must demonstrate proficiency in the language. Students must accredit a level of TOEFL 82 or an equivalent level in another accepted accreditation system. Students whose native or main language is English or who can accredit that they have lived or studied in an English-speaking country do not have to provide any TOEFL accreditation.

      Request information

      EAE Institución Superior de Formación Universitaria, S.L. will process your personal information in order to contact you, including contact by electronic means (WhatsApp and/or email) and by telephone, and in order to inform you about your program of choice for the upcoming two terms. Your data will be deleted once this information has been provided and/or once the aforementioned call for applications period has elapsed.

      You may exercise the rights of access, deletion, rectification, opposition, limitation and portability, by post to EAE Institución Superior de Formación Universitaria, S.L., Post office box 221 of Barcelona, or by email to [email protected]. Likewise, if the interested party considers it appropriate, they can lodge a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

      Moreover, you can contact our Data Protection Manager by email to [email protected], or by post to Grupo Planeta, At.: Data Protection Manager, Avda. Diagonal 662-664, 08034 Barcelona.