Business Management

Business Management

The business management sector is at the centre of it all, because it’s all about understanding business management holistically.

Being agile, anticipating changes and keeping yourself up to date are features that are becoming more and more relevant for professionals who generate value and achieve impact in their environment, in companies and in society. Therefore, innovation and technology are key aspects of Business Management.

 In order to ensure your success and the success of the different business models, at EAE Barcelona, we split our Business Management area in two: Our Pre-Experience MBAs —which include MIMs (Master’s in International Management) and MIBs (Master’s in International Business)— and the Specialised Management, MBA programmes that take on, individually, some of the most relevant industries in the market.

 The biggest challenge for Business Management students will be to develop soft skills, effective communication skills and flexibility, as well as understanding businesses from different technical, functional and strategic perspectives. If you’re capable of taking on these challenges, you’re in the right place.

Pre-Experience Management

These programmes are structured just like an MBA. Made for profiles with short experience (0-3 years) and equipped with a STEM track (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) to provide added competitive value to profiles on the tech side.

  • STEM

    Master in Management STEM

    Learn how Data Science generates business models and improves strategic decision making

  • MIB

    Master in International Business STEM

    Enjoy an international experience at EAE Barcelona and train to work in multinational companies

Specialized Management

Specialised management programmes are divided into different sectors and are developed in collaboration with other prestigious academic institutions to make your learning experience concrete, precise and of the greatest quality.


The tourism industry has the infinite capacity of reinventing itself and transforming thanks to the activation of innovative and sustainable business solutions.

Sports Management

The sporting industry is as complex as it is key for the whole corporate tissue of the sector, as well as for the dynamisation of society, consumption and leisure.

Fashion & Retail

The fashion universe requires a global vision for the implementation and management of new retail ecosystems and the development of flexible and creative entrepreneurial skills.


A modern, efficient and successful corporate culture must be based on a sustainable management model that is aware of its impact, both inside and outside the company.

  • Retail lowres

    Master in Fashion & Retail Management Barcelona - Roma

    A 360º vision of the fashion and retail universes to transform yourself into a leading in the sector

  • Sports Lowres

    Master in Sports Management

    Train in sports management to accelerate your professional transformation

  • Hotel

    Master in Hotel and Restaurant Management

    Learn to manage hotels: financial management, reservations, catering, maintenance, marketing...

  • MICE

    Master in Event Organization, Protocol and Business Tourism

    Master the implementation of strategic plans in MICE and develop your management skills

  • Foto Máster en Gestión Turística 1

    Master in Gestión Turística Sostenible de Recursos y Destinos

    Manage destinations and their natural resources to be part of the sustainable revolution


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