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Master in Finance

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EAE Business School Barcelona enables you to specialize in finance and applied technology so that you can rise to the biggest challenge in the sector: the effective and innovative financial management of global digital companies.

Such a huge challenge involves acquiring fundamental knowledge at different levels of the business, from the most operational aspects right up to the purest management level, including a command of the essential disruptive technologies for driving forward the Fintech areas in companies.

The program focuses on financial analysis, financing decisions, financial difficulties and the restructuring process, and the Fintech ecosystem  (Wealth Tech, Insurtech, Blockchain, etc.), as well as new forms of investment and alternative financing, new payment methods and cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the Master in Finance & Fintech is designed to develop your analytical and critical capacity to make strategic decisions, not only to survive as a company but to thrive in this changing and complex Fintech ecosystem.

ID Finance

Complete your EAE finance experience with a real Fintech Challenge released by ID Finance, an important fintech company collaborating with the programme.

The challenge will be exposed into the ID Finance offices in Barcelona, where students will have a guided visit in order to know the working reality of a real fintech company.

To perform the project, you will have a tutorial follow up before the final presentations.

Full time
On-Site Classes

10 Months

From Monday to Thursday and two Fridays per month (intensive morning schedule)

Study Programme


Corporate Strategy and Sustainability - 6 ECTS             

  • Corporate and business strategy
  • International strategy
  • Economic and financial environment
  • Taxation and legal context
  • Sustainable investment and socially responsible investment
  • Traditional business models versus innovative business models

Financial engineering - 6 ECTS              

  • Structuring-modeling techniques for financial engineering
  • Quantitative financial analysis
  • Cost of money and interest rate (Compound and discount)
  • Binomial and Black-Scholes models
  • Mathematical and quantifying Finance

Financial planning and cash management - 6 ECTS  

  • Budget process
  • Operational, capital, and teacher budgets
  • Financial modelling techniques
  • Management of the treasury
  • Cash pooling and internal banking

Management control - 6 ECTS            

  • Cost accounting and management accounting
  • Activity-based cost system
  • Relevant and irrelevant costs for decision-making
  • Measurement of results
  • Balanced Scorecard (Financial Perspective)
  • Dashboard (KPIs)

Financial analysis and business valuation - 6 ECTS     

  • Main financial statements
  • Reformulation and analysis of the profit and loss account
  • Analysis of the balance sheet
  • Working capital management
  • Ratio Analysis and Financial Diagnosis
  • Cost of capital and value creation
  • Valuation of companies

Corporate finance - 6 ECTS

  • The restructuring processes
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Audit of purchases (Due Diligence)
  • Legal and fiscal aspects in the restructuring process
  • Internal and external financing
  • Venture capital and alternative financing

Markets and financial tools - 6 ECTS

  • Primary versus secondary market: initial public offering
  • Macroeconomic factors and actors in financial markets
  • Interbank market
  • Digital financial services
  • Fixed and variable income assets
  • Optimization of short-term assets
  • Factoring and confirming

Risk analysis and portfolio management - 6 ECTS

  • Investment valuation and sustainable investment criteria
  • Automated asset management
  • Operational, market, and country risk
  • Financial and operational risk models
  • Variance and covariance (Standard deviation)
  • Modern portfolio theory
  • Risk-adjusted profitability measures
  • Investment funds

    15 ECTS

    It’s not just the research paper you need to do in order to get your master’s degree — it’s the right time and the right place for you to combine your academic experience with your professional ambition, personal vision and your creativity. It’s your chance to put everything you’ve been learning into practice and to work in order to get to where you want to be. More info.

    Official Master's Degree

    Official Master’s Degree in Financial Management

    Full Time 60 ECTS

    You will obtain two Degrees: EAE and UdL

    EAE Business School’s Specific Master’s Degree in Continuous Learning in Finance, which additionally adds a Certificate in Fintech (10 ECTS) and Universitat de Lleida's (UdL) Official Master’s Degree in Financial Management.

    Master's Director

    Dorina foto

    Dorina Popescu Nicoara

    PhD in Economy and Business at the University of Rovira i Virgili, accredited by ANECA. More than 10 years of experience in the academic field. She has taught in bachelor and master’s degrees in different universities.

    Key Points

    1. Disruptive finance

    You will discover alternative financing source that enable you to develop new projects and keep up with the latest forms of borrowing and crowdfunding. 

    2. Fintech track

    You will learn about digital financial tools and how new technologies create associations between traditional operators and the new fintech companies. 

    3. Decision-making

    You will learn to spot new opportunities within the fintech ecosystem in order to improve decision-making and optimize the performance of companies. 

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    What does the admission process for a Master involve?

    • Initial Information/Admission Request

      Once completed, we’ll assign you one of our expert advisors that will get in touch with you.

    • Interview with the Admissions Department

      We’ll evaluate your professional and academic profile and, together, we’ll assess your eligibility for advancing towards a Master’s level based on your professional goals.

    • Formal Presentation of the Admission Form:

      • What documents do I need in order to apply for admission to a Master? You will have to send us the following documentation, which we’ll analyse and verify in order to compose your admissions report:
      • Updated CV
      • Motivation Letter
      • Academic and/or Professional Letter of Recommendation
      • Last/Ongoing Degree Certificate
      • Admission Test (if required)
      • Language Certificate (if required)
    • Admissions Committee

      Your advisor will be in charge of defending your application in front of the Committee.

    • Process Resolution

      We’ll inform you on the result of the process.

    • Booking and Assign You a Spot

      You will have 3 to 5 days to make the payment for the inscription.



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    2 years average experience

    70% International participants 

    12 nationalities


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    You will get a tailor-made career plan from our Careers department and our Entrepreneur department, with personalised services for academic training and guidance that will multiply your professional opportunities and extend them to any country in the world



    • Financial Manager
    • Corporate Financial Consultant
    • M&A Analyst
    • Financial Risks Manager
    • Financial advisor
    • Financial institution employee
    • Fintech employee
    • Entrepreneurs interested in investing in the Fintech and Blockchain sector
    • Manager of Bank Accounts
    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


    Student salary increase
    Change jobs before graduating
    Want to start their own business

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