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Where you live your life is as important as who you share it with

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Sports & Wellness

Ditch your business suit and get into some active gear! Get ready for an exciting start at EAE Barcelona’s Sports & Wellness Clubs. Here you’ll find a wide range of sports activities organized by our passionate sports leaders, who play a crucial role in keeping each sports group motivated and making sure your needs are heard by the Student Experience department.

EAE Barcelona Business School
EAE Barcelona Business School

EAE Business School propels your success in the business world — EAE Clubs keep you on the move in the exciting world of sports and well-being.

Inside the Sports and Wellness Clubs, you'll find a range of choices to stay active and healthy. Pick your favorites!










EAE Barcelona Business School
EAE Barcelona Business School
EAE Barcelona Business School


Sports & Community experience at EAE Barcelona

The Sports & Wellness Clubs also team up with other business schools like ESADE and GBSB GLOBAL. Together, they host padel and volleyball tournaments, as well as friendly men's and women's football matches.

This collaboration not only promotes a strong sportsmanship spirit but also allows for a valuable exchange among students from different institutions, enhancing both the sport experience and the sense of community at EAE Barcelona.

It's not just about where we belong; it's about everything we can achieve

An active community in which change is the only constant

Fostering valuable connections and relationships is part of our essense as a School. That's how we experience it and feel about it both personally and professionally.

EAE Barcelona is a diverse, open, innovative, talented and lively community where you can enjoy activities and connect with people with whom to share knowledge, concerns and interests.

In this way, everyone who comes to the School contributes their differential value, creating a nurturing enviroment for everyone else: for our community, for the companies and for the sustainability of our environment. 


Sport & Wellness

Establish new connections at EAE Barcelona's community through activities, sports like football (both men's and women's), running, volleyball and hiking, among others.


Entrepreneurship Club

Its purpose is to boost and give support to every type of venture through networking, workshops and access to a community of investors and mentors.


Women Initiative

An initiative that drives the global and continuous professional development of women, promoting equal opportunities through spaces for dialogue, networking, mentoring and meetings with leaders.