EAE Business School Barcelona partners with ID Finance to boost the Master in Finance & Fintech

EAE Business School Barcelona, which belongs to Planeta Formación y Universidades, has announced a partnership with ID Finance, a company specializing in financial technology, to incorporate a practical module on Fintech in the syllabus of the Master in Finance & Fintech.

The Master run at EAE Business School Barcelona, headed by professionals from the world of finance and technology, is designed to equip students with a broad understanding of the management of the financial sector, while also giving them in-depth insight into the technological innovations that are revolutionizing the sector. Through its partnership with ID Finance, the students on EAE Barcelona’s Master will benefit from the experience of this leading Spanish Fintech company.  

"As a business school, we strive to anticipate and adapt to the needs of the labour market with practical student-centred programs. We are in constant contact with companies to detect trends and opportunities. This partnership with ID Finance reinforces our commitment to keep at the cutting-edge of financial and technological education", explained Dorina Nicoara Popescu, the Director of the Master in Finance & Fintech at EAE Business School Barcelona.

Carla Guerrero, the Head of Growth at ID Finance, added that "we are extremely excited to be able to offer our experience as a leading company specializing in Fintech to the students of EAE Business School Barcelona. We believe that this partnership will give students a unique and valuable perspective of the financial and technological world, preparing them to become leaders in the field".

The topics covered on the program include financial management, artificial intelligence applied to finance, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, to name just a few. Moreover, the students will have the opportunity to take part in practical classes led by executives from ID Finance.

This leading Fintech firm in Spain, founded in 2015, also has an instant credit platform that operates in this country and in Mexico. In 2021, it launched its financial wellness app Plazo, offering its customers in a single commission-free account a free Mastercard debit card, with an attractive reward program and tailored financing options for each customer.

Registrations for the Master in Finance & Fintech are now open and the program will start in October 2023.


ID Finance is a leading Fintech company in Spain and Mexico providing innovative financial solutions. It is one of the few financial technology firms in Spain and Mexico committed to measuring and offsetting its carbon footprint. The company is consistently profitable and since its inception in 2015 it has processed over 10 million credit applications. In 2021, ID Finance launched its financial wellness app Plazo in Spain, offering its customers transactional, saving and credit solutions for their everyday needs.

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