EAE Barcelona strives to boost its community’s well-being

At EAE Business School Barcelona, we are committed to the physical and mental health of our community of students, professors and employees. With this in mind, the School has organized a week dedicated specifically to well-being.

With the slogan “What is good for you is good for all”, Well-Being Week included a range of activities to promote healthy environments.

The week’s activities began with a number of yoga classes, run by professionals from Viva Gym on Entença and Avenida de Roma, giving the participants the chance to reduce their stress and enhance their concentration.

Viva Gym
Yoga 2
Yoga 3

The events also included the presentation of the campus cafeteria’s new healthy menu, as well as a masterclass on nutrition led by Regina Félix and José Manuel, the Founders of Glutery, and Tomás Kohan, the Founder of Soy Deli.

Soy Deli

As well as gaining insight into new techniques for maintaining a balanced diet and how what we eat affects our health, the participants had the opportunity to taste various culinary delights.

Menú saludable

Another popular event was a talk given by Ibai Arregui, the Head of Psychology and Neuropsychology at Grupo Quirónsalud. He focused on how to manage stress with resilience and realism, with the participants discussing emotional health, but with a sense of humour.

Ibai Arregui
Jordi Rubio
Montse Sordo

Continuing with the theme of emotional well-being, Jordi Rubio, the Academic Coordinator of EAE Barcelona, and Montse Sordo, the Career Services Manager eat the School’s Talent for Impact Center, gave a workshop on how our mind can become an ally for our well-being, all based on mindfulness techniques.

Well-Being Week culminated with a session of active meditation with electronic music sponsored by The Switch, the new blog of EAE Barcelona which will be launched soon. In the words of the team at The Switch:

“We wanted to invite the EAE Barcelona community to flick their internal switch. The best way we could think of to do just that was a session of  SUCO active meditation, a disruptive well-being practice that originated in Barcelona, which breaks the mould of traditional meditation and transforms it into an immersive, fresh experience with electronic music. The goal that we set for the session is connecting. Connecting with this great city, with all our potential, with the planet, with the EAE community and, above all, with ourselves”. The Switch promises to be a hub of fresh, original contents focusing on sustainable personal and professional development.

Thanks to Jamie Beron from Suco Yoga for giving all the participants such a unique experience.

Meditación con música 2
Meditación con música

With all these activities, at the Barcelona campus, we recharged our batteries and discovered how to approach life with good humour and positive energy, and how this philosophy directly affects our health.

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