Meet the Dean: Enric Ordeix Rigo

5 Perspectives on the Dean of EAE Business School Barcelona

Enric Ordeix Rigo

3 Facts About Our Dean
Professional journalist who has studied Sociology and Political Sciences.
Passionate about corporate diplomacy and global communication.
An intimist, in love with his family and friends, his bicycle, his garden, the sea and a good book.

“Our project is to boost EAE’s leadership in globally renowned forums in order to keep on transforming the higher education sector.”



A Look to the Future

3 Projects for the Short, Medium and Long Terms: 

  • Promoting Sustainable Development Goals: “At EAE Barcelona, we work hard to achieve the millennium goals, the UN’s SDGs, through our values and our commitment to sustainability, innovation, employability and entrepreneurship”.


  • Encouraging Lifelong Learning: “Our challenge is to expand our academic value proposition in sync with the current times and to offer a meaningful academic experience that helps each of our students achieve transformation and boost their talent, innovating with methodologies that foster a growth mindset culture in every professional”.


  • From Barcelona to the World. “We are 100% in sync with the values of the city, in a feedback loop through innovation, technology and talent. That’s why we want to take EAE Barcelona to the rest of the world, teaching skills, but also attitudes that promote sustainable employability, create value and have an impact on people, companies and the business environment”.


A Look Inwards


If Enric was… Which one would he be?

  • ...a city? Barcelona.
  • animal? A dolphin.
  • ...a brand? Apple.
  • ...a sport? Athletics.
  • ...a book? On liberty (by John Stuart Mill, 1859).
  • ...a film? Chariots of Fire (by Hugh Hudson, 1981).
  • ...a bottle of wine? Ànima Negra.
  • organ of the body? The eyes.
  • ...a song? Every breath you take (The Police, 1983).
  • ...another person? John F. Kennedy.


A Look from the Outside

What he says about Enric: 

"Enric is a great relationship builder, both personal and institutional, with solid foundations, based on shared aspirations and with a clear international calling."

He thanks Enric for:

“Having invited me to take part in this wonderful development and excellence project in which we take part as the executive team, alongside EAE Business School Barcelona’s faculty, as part of Grupo Planeta Formación y Universidades”.

  • Carlos Cascante-Serratosa, Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean