evento football day

EAE Football Day - Winter

We invite you to participate in the mixed football tournament

Tournament Rules:

The rules for the tournament are as follows:

1. Teams must be mixed, including at least two women per team.
2. Each team must have a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 12 players.
3. A minimum of 8 teams must register for the tournament to take place.
4. Registration is free.
5. Registration will be done through the registration link. Once this step is completed, the registration will be considered finalized.
6. The registration period starts on January 9th and ends on February 5th.
7. The tournament is open to teams of teachers and staff. These teams cannot have members from both teacher and student groups; in other words, they cannot mix in the same team.
8. Prizes will only be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place winning teams.
9. If any member of the organization observes unsportsmanlike behavior in one or more players of a team, or in the accompanying individuals of the same team, influencing the logical course of the game, they may be disqualified from the competition.
10.The organization reserves the right to modify or expand some rules with prior communication to the involved teams.
11. Registering for the tournament implies acceptance of these rules.
12. Exclusive for active calls

We will have prizes, music, a DJ, a raffle, and amenities

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February 17th

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