EAE MASTERTALK | Artificial Intelligence and its impact on digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence and its impact on digital marketing – How will AI change the rules of the game?

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the rules of the game and forcing the different specialists in the market to embrace new realities.

AI is one of the factors revolutionizing the professional market. Nowadays, many companies are already using it to automate and streamline processes. The endless applications of Artificial Intelligence can help understand people better and connect with them in a different way, as well as resolving incidents, which could make companies more effective in terms of strengthening their bond with consumers.

On this occasion, our expert Armando Salvador will talk to us about Artificial Intelligence and how it will change the rules of the game.

Thursday 30th March 2023

14:30 - 15:00h (Spain)


Online (LinkedIn Live / YouTube Live)


Key Speaker

Armando Salvador Pérez

Director of the Incubation Program at EAE Business School Barcelona, Director of the Digital Marketing & eCommerce Master and the AMP in Growth Hacking. eCommerce Consultant specializing in Omnichannel and Conversion.

Co-Founder of eComm360, an agency specializing in eCommerce. Formerly worked at PrestaShop, as a trainer on the international Open Source eCommerce platform, VTEX SAAS as the eCommerce Manager, and Iberia, as a Project Director.


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