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There are many ways to achieve knowledge, but none makes you greater than sharing it.

At EAE Business School, we firmly believe that, through a strong, comprehensive unit focused on customized training that resonates through all the key areas of activity, it is crucial to continue with the progress and growth of the education sector.

Learning Hub by EAE   

The value of experience

A space where employees and future talent of each company can improve their skills and enrich their knowledge through the customized training programs offered by EAE, led by an excellent faculty accredited with the qualification of the institution.

An environment in which education and business come together to work together to train, generate and retain talent, enabling both employees and the company to adapt to the needs of the current context, as well as reducing costs and increasing productivity


Training Model

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  • Business objective
  • Business culture
  • Results



  • On-Site
  • Online
  • Hybrid


  • Experts working in the field
  • Current and practical cases

Cutting edge

  • Up-to-date methodologies
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Current topics

Training Programs

In view of the accelerated changes in all areas, it is necessary to provide a response in line with the needs of a constantly changing society.

Increasing competition and the changes brought about by new technologies in the business world are forcing companies to pay greater attention to training their employees.

With this in mind, our range of training programs is custom-designed, in collaboration with the management teams of companies, enabling organizations to enhance and gain a greater return on their investments through training adapted to the needs and objectives of their professionals.

Moreover, we integrate the competencies, skills and methodology in line with the participants’ profile, position and level of experience. We run training programs focused on senior management, as high-impact programs for professionals.


Sucess Stories


Santander Bank

An outstanding success story where EAE Business School and Banco Santander joined forces to develop the talent of their new recruits by designing an ad hoc program in Finance and Data Science, with more than 200 new recruits, combining technical and financial knowledge with the fundamentals of the banking business to train the professionals of the future.

The program focused on financial innovation, addressing the challenges and anticipating the challenges that the industry will face in the coming years.


Atresmedia Group

EAE Business School develops the Master's Degree in Journalism and Digital Communication, with professional certification from Grupo Atresmedia. A master's degree designed to train journalists capable of practicing digital journalism professionally, who know how to develop their skills in a digital media.

The master's degree is offered in collaboration with Grupo Atresmedia, a leading communications group in Spain that is present in the most relevant television, radio, film, Internet and advertising media.

The curriculum is developed in conjunction with the Communication Advisory Board, made up of professionals from companies such as Unilever, Sony, Mango, Nielsen, Nissan, Heineken and BP, among others.

EAE Barcelona Business School

Women STEM

One of the most important challenges for our society is the crucial role of STEM careers in the future of employability. This premise is more than demonstrated by countless studies.

In 2030, more than 80% of jobs will require knowledge linked to STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and in the next five years alone, one million jobs related to these subjects will be generated.

Therefore, increasing the participation of women in these areas is one of the most important challenges facing our society today.

At EAE Business School, through our new Woman Initiative project, we promote the role of women through our masters.

That is why EAE's Master in Management STEM is a unique program in the market. It combines the core knowledge of an MBA with the know-how of a recognized business school, the development of leadership competencies and skills and a STEM specialization module, making the MIM an incubator for the leaders of the future.


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