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Master Program in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

  • Full Time
  • October 2023
  • English
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Master Program in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

EAE Barcelona’s Master’s in Supply Chain Management & Logistics will enable you to manage the whole supply chain, end-to-end, from suppliers to clients, including all the design, planning, execution and management processes involved. 

Successfully take on responsibility roles in any company in areas like purchasing, planning, production, logistics and distribution. 

Thanks to our theoretical-practical approach, you will develop a strategic vision of the supply chain that’s applicable to multinational companies of different sectors, as well as to your own business initiatives. Make the most of your innovative vision, critical thinking and leadership skills!


Full time

10 Months

Monday to thursdays and two fridays per month

Study Programme


Strategic Leadership, Transformation & Change - 5 ECTS
· Liquid organizations and change management
· Balanced Scorecard
· Agile Manifesto and principles
· UX and Customer Experience in the digital age

Global Supply Chain Strategy & Design Key Drivers - 5 ECTS
· Key factors in efficient Supply Chain design
· End-to-end interconnection and interdependence throughout the Supply Chain
· Global flow design optimization: Nearshoring and Offshoring
· Customization of the Supply Chain depending on the sector of activity
· Key processes and support processes included in the Supply Chain


Forecasting, Planning & Manufacturing in Global Supply Chain - 5 ECTS
· Demand planning, information sources, techniques and optimal results
· Planning: procurement, production and inventories
· Structured processes for agreeing a single strategic and tactical business plan: Sales & Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning
· Processes related to material management: Material Requirement Planning and Just-in-Time/Just-in-Case
· Manufacturing approaches with an impact on the available capacity and customer service: Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order (MTS-MTO)

Warehousing, Transportation & Distribution in turbulent times - 5 ECTS
· Distribution centre design: Quality, service and efficiency
· Procurement management in distribution centres and monitoring warehouse operations
· Design and operational management of transport networks
· Relations and management of operations with external companies: 3PL and 4PL logistics operators
· International, shipping, customs and Incoterms

Suppliers & Customers Relationship Management (SRM/CRM) - 5 ECTS
· Purchasing and Suppliers: Tactical and strategic management
· New technologies applied to purchasing
· Efficient negotiation techniques for purchasing
· Procurement and order management cycle
· Operational and strategic management of customer relations


Lean, Quality & Project Management with Finance Fundamentals - 5 ECTS
· Financial management of the company and the Supply Chain
· Efficient project management
· Application of the Agile methodology in the implementation of processes and projects
· Lean Supply Chain: Operations, execution and administration
· Quality management and traceability applied to the Supply Chain

Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Mindset: Talent & Team Management - 5 ECTS
· Efficient management of active listening and communication
· Professional networking for improving Supply Chain dynamics
· Efficient Team Management
· ESG: Environmental, social and governance related to the Supply Chain
· Talent management and professionals: Attracting and retaining talent


Efficient Decision Making with Simulation and Analytics - 5 ECTS
· Business decision simulation using the Fresh Connection platform
· Descriptive Analytics: Indicators that show the status and evolution of the Supply Chain
· Predictive models and their application within the context of the Supply Chain
· Mathematical optimizers: Concepts, techniques and practical applications
· Dynamic simulation models for discrete events: Digital twin creation

Digital Transformation & Innovation in Supply Chains - 5 ECTS
· Digital Transformation: Impact of new technologies on Supply Chain activities
· How robotics is modifying the way we operate in the Supply Chain: Robotics & Automation
· E-Commerce, E-Logistics and Multi-Channel: New business models based on a different Supply Chain design
· Support technologies that underpin the execution of activities throughout the Supply Chain
· Innovation management: Impact of the introduction of new products and processes on the Supply Chain

This is far more than just a research project required to gain a Master qualification. It is the optimal time and place to combine all your academic experience, professional ambition, personal vision and creativity. It is your opportunity to put all the knowledge and skills you have acquired into practice and work towards the goals you set yourself. More info.

Degree and Modality

Lifelong Learning Master's Degree in
Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Full Time 60 ECTS

October intake 2023

You will obtain two Degrees: EAE and UPC

EAE Business School’s Specific Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management & Logistics and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya’s (UPC) Lifelong Learning Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management & Logistics.

April Intake 2024

You will obtain two Degrees: EAE y UdL


EAE Business School’s Specific Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management & Logistics and Universitat de Lleida's  (UDL) Lifelong Learning Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management & Logistics.*
Check here

* Degree in verification process


EAE Business School’s Specific Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management & Logistics and Universitat de Lleida's  (UDL) Lifelong Learning Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management & Logistics.

Master's Director

DP SUPPLY - Miquel Serracanta

Miquel Serracanta

Director of the Operations and Supply Chain Department of EAE Business School in Barcelona. Founder of Solutions & Decisions. Board of Directors Member (International Chair) en CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals). achelor Degree in Business Administration and Management from the Universitat Ramón Llull and MBA from ESADE.

1. 360º vision

You will cover the entire supply chain end-to-end, from suppliers to customers, as well as discovering all the associated design, planning and management processes.

3. CSCMP membership

You will get a year-long membership of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), enabling you to update your knowledge and strengthen your networking.

3. CSCMP membership

You will get a year-long membership of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), enabling you to update your knowledge and strengthen your networking.

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  • Import/Export Director
  • Logistics and Distribution Director
  • Purchasing Director
  • Head of the Supply Chain
  • Head of Reverse Logistics
  • Production Director
  • Demand Planner
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