Evento_taller creatividad y flexibilidad

Workshop about Creativity and flexibility: keys for living in changing times

We live in a society where change reigns. We must be able not just to survive but to live comfortably in the midst of this ever-changing environment. 

The main objectives of this workshop are

  • Deepening our understanding of the concept of change and how it can be successfully implemented in organizations.
  • Encouraging flexibility as the answer to a changing environment.  
  • Working on creativity as the way to be more proactive to change.  
  • Thinking about resilience and how it can be a lever for a positive living. 
  • Sharing concepts of a positive attitude towards change.

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Ponente invitada

Pilar Mestre

Bachelor Degree in Classical Languages and MBA from ESADE. She is a PCC coach accredited by ICF, certified in Belbin, DISC and MBTI, among other tools.

She has extensive experience in HR in the areas of Talent (recruitment and training). She was the Director of Training and Recruitment at a multinational for over 15 years, responsible for the creation, design and execution of national and international programs.

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