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Transforming ideas into success: the vibrant ecosystem of EAE Entrepreneur Barcelona


EAE Entrepreneur Barcelona, a leading innovation and entrepreneurship centre, has a clear and passionate approach. Its key objective is to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit and boost innovation throughout every step of the journey, thereby enable ideas to transform into viable startups and developing the participants’ leadership skills.

EAE Entrepreneur is strategically located in PIER 01, the headquarters of Tech Barcelona, the leading association for driving forward the region’s technology and digital sector. Thanks to this partnership, EAE Entrepreneur Barcelona has become a business and creative hub, facilitating collaboration and development that give rise to the generation of disruptive ideas.

Currently, EAE Barcelona is home to 13 projects in the incubation phase, each on their own journey towards business success. This number is just an indication of the vibrant ecosystem surrounding this community of 1,314 current students and alumni. Each intake attracts brilliant minds, as shown by the recent enrolment of 70 students on the Entrepreneur program.

The hub organizes a series of events and activities to connect the members of the community and foster the exchange of ideas and experiences. From after-work sessions at Tech Barcelona to networking events and Tech Up Nights, these activities really provide a great opportunity for the participants to connect and learn.

Moreover, EAE Entrepreneurs Barcelona’s strategic partnership with leading companies and organizations in the sector, such as FREE NOW, ATICO LAB, MWC, BABSON and DELEITO, strengthens the city’s business community and gives entrepreneurs access to a global network of resources and opportunities.

One of its key partnerships is with Babson College, a leading institution in the field of entrepreneurship at a global level. This alliances gives students of EAE Business School access to experts and the chance to compete in global competitions such as the Babson Collaborative Global Student Challenge. The main objective of this international event is to inspire and challenge students from all over the world to develop innovative ideas that tackle real problems.

In short, EAE Entrepreneur Barcelona is far more than just a physical space; it is a dynamic, collaborative ecosystem in which ideas turn into real business ventures. With a strategic location, a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and an extensive network of partners, this platform is shaping the future of entrepreneurship in Barcelona and beyond.

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