Evento_soft skills_colaboración

Workshop about Confidence and Empathy, the essence of cooperation

Whereas in the first workshops we focused on the individual, in this workshop we look at their relationship with others and the development of key skills such as listening, empathy and trust. 

The main objectives of this workshop are: 

  • Understanding that trust is the key element in the functioning of teams.
  • Organizations are networks made up of people. Work on the skills needed to understand others and to develop trusting relationships within organizations. 
  • Implementation of key skills, such as effective feedback, in order to promote the development of team members and develop a culture of learning and ongoing improvement.


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Guest speaker

Pilar Mestre

Bachelor Degree in Classical Languages and MBA from ESADE. She is a PCC coach accredited by ICF, certified in Belbin, DISC and MBTI, among other tools.

She has extensive experience in HR in the areas of Talent (recruitment and training). She was the Director of Training and Recruitment at a multinational for over 15 years, responsible for the creation, design and execution of national and international programs.

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