Cabecera Professional Impact durante Máster

Professional Impact Unit durante el máster

Professional Impact Unit throughout your Master’s

You'll have the chance to meet and collaborate with various experts from our Professional Impact Unit through the paths we've designed for you during your program. Whether you’re a corporate profile or an entrepreneurial profile, we have a wide range of opportunities available for you.

You can connect with our Professional Impact Unit through the various events and activities organized by Student Experience & Network. Each of our specialists will provide you with different tools, contacts and specialized guidance in their field through workshops, one-to-one sessions, content, activities and various meetings.

Our support program is divided into three phases. The first phase is all about exploration and it will determine your action plan, the skills you need to work on with the Power Skills program and the path you’ll continue on as a Corporate Profile or an Entrepreneurial Profile.

GRÁFICA Professional Impact

Professional Impact Unit works on four key areas:

Career Exploration
Professional Development and Networking