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Career Support

Before, During and After

There are many professional paths.


We will support and guide you no matter which one you choose.

Our Talent for Impact team is in charge of finding the development path for your talent. We develop services that are aimed at boosting your journey towards the professional path you choose and that will match the size of your dreams

You will have endless opportunities for learning, networking, development and projection. From this point onwards, the path you choose is up to you

Professional Impact




Your first stage of self-discovery and reflection on your current situation and needs results in a unique action plan with which you will work during your time at EAE Barcelona

Professional Careers Service

We improve your employability in order to maximise your career opportunities.

We help you design a customised career plan based on your experience and professional goals. This customised analysis lets us set you on the right path, helping you reach your goals and giving you access to multiple employment opportunities as well as establishing connections between you and numerous experts, professionals and recruiters from the most important companies that best fit your interests.

With our Professional Careers programme, you will be able to work on your professional development in 3 different growth areas that will provide you with progessive and cumulative learning:



  • Establishing employability goals
  • Tools like Job Teaser or LinkedIn
  • Professional Impact platform


  • Employability workshops and sessions
  • Self-discovery and personal skills development


  • Activities to connect with the corporate world
  • Networking and Company Challenges
  • Recruting/Propeller programmes
  • Events like Career Talks, Building Leaders Challenge, Talent EAE.

EAE Entrepreneur

Where you write your own future.

If you are a professional/person with an entrepreneurial soul. If you want to develop a business idea that’s been on your mind for some time. If you wish to further develop the business you’ve already created. Or if you’re looking to internationalise or create new lines of business. Let’s embark on this project together.

 Your ideas will take shape through training, education and funding while we follow up on you, at your side at all times. We’ll always have your back.

 This path of self-employability and talent development is divided into 3 progressive stages that last approximately 10 months:



  • Project Design
  • Self-discovery
  • Choosing a business ecosystem

Deep dive

  • Exploration of your choice
  • Defining the problem
  • Differential value proposition


  • Creating a visual prototype of the solution
  • Developing a relevant business plan
  • Testing and validating the idea


  • Developing, propelling and working with your idea at the incubator
  • Collaborating with experts
  • Networking and synergies
  • Extra services and activities